About Westcome

No cleaning

No maintenance. Standing record +12 years without stop/cleaning.

Highest effiency

Direct heat transmission between flows. Incl. high viscosity matter.

Low power usage

2-8 times lower than other types. Due to very low pressure loss.

Since 2006

References available on request.

Where it all started

Westcome heat exchanger has it roots back to 2006, where the first prototype, based on the slow flow principle, was prototyped for a specific need, where no other type of heat exchanger (pipe in pipe, spiral etc.) was suitable for the task at hand. 

It did not work as expected. The problem was detected to be the high viscous fluid (sludge) not being sufficient stirred during the pass in the heat exchanger.

After many trial and errors the prototype system was equipped with internal fixed plates and that turned out to be a “heruka” moment. Not only did the effiency increase drasticly, but, as it turned out, the need for a high flowrate was unnessesary and the need for regular cleaning not needed. 

This is due to the fact, that hot and dead zones, where the matter starts buiding up, are avoided with the basic design with no grooves or sealings in the design, practically avoids any possibility for build ups.

Since then, the basic design has been improved bit by bit, to meet the goal of simplifying manufacturing and improving both effiency in operation and easy installation. Today´s V3 is a patented product, with superior effiency and an unmatched record of working 24/7-365 without the need for cleaning and therefore without any effiency loss over time. 

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information and references of/visits to working installations.  

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