The Westcome heat exchanger

Reuse heat energy –> Save energy –> Reduce Co2 emissions –> Use heat exchangers


No cleaning

No maintenance, no cleaning. Standing record +12 years with out stops.

Highest effiency

Direct heat transmission between high viscous flows. As manure and sludge.

Low power usage

2-8 times lower than other types of heat exchangers for high viscosity energy renewal

Since 2006

References available on request.



Special insulated cabinet, for outdoor operation 


First production type, V1, from 2007 to 2012. Improvements led to the…


The very first prototype. From 2006. A lot of improvements since.

About WestCome

Westcome heat exchanger design and manufactures our own patented heat exchanger, designed for thermal exchange of fluids with high viscosity, such as manure, sludge, and other difficult and high viscous fluids, direct and also high viscosity/water or heating or cooling.

As no heat is lost in the heat transfer, our heat exchanger only needs one unit, a sall energy is tranferred direct from hot to cold side.

This drasticly improves user value:

– only one unit needed for sludge/sludge operation.
– no additional pumps or control needed for sludge to water to sludge circuit.

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